Koru Corner Natural Therapies Centre
56 Dawson Street (Corner of Dawson & Vivian Sts)

New Plymouth 4310

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Karin Christensen (Practice Manager)
Telephone: 021 2643927
Email: kh-clinicalhypnosis@hotmail.co.nz

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Atefeh Hoseinpour: Aromatherapy Massage and Ear Candling

Atefeh Hoseinpouris a fully qualified aromatherapy massage therapist who specialises in providing the most relaxing and beneficial female massages. She uses only the highest quality oils and blends them according to each customers unique needs.

Atefeh offers both Full Body or Head/Neck/Shoulder Aromatherapy Massage as well as the therapy of Ear Candling. Ear candling creates a low-level vacuum to help remove impurities from the inner ear. The session includes a face and shoulder massage with essential oils to improve blood and lymph circulation, help clear sinuses and uplift the face.

Please note that Atefeh accepts female clients only.

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Phone: 021 186 0397

Facebook: Red Flower Aromatherapy


Dan Goodkind PdD: Registered Clinical Psychologist, Certified Mediator

Dan Goodkind is a registered clinical psychologist and certified mediator. He was previously affiliated with Psychology and Counselling Associates in New Plymouth. His areas of interest include child psychology and neuropsychology, the integration of mental health services with primary care and alternative dispute resolution.

Dr. Goodkind is a member of the New Zealand College of Clinical Psychology. He is accredited as a mediator and FDR Provider by the Resolution Institute of Australia/New Zealand. Dan has expertise in the provision of short-term treatments for anxiety and depression and longer-term psychotherapy for emotional trauma and relational problems. He also provides psychological and neuropsychological evaluations for adults and children including children with developmental and learning disabilities. Dan is a psychology and neuropsychology services provider for ACC.

Email: dangoodkind@resolutionclinic.nz

Phone: 06 759 1486

Karin Christensen: Hypnotherapist, Healing Practitioner, Mediumship, Holistic Pulsing, Conscious Counselling, Distance Healing

 "I have run my Hypnotherapy and Healing practice in New Plymouth since 2010 and I consider myself first and foremost a healer, and whether I do this with healing words or healing hands, my objective remains the same: To empower a client to take control of their own life, their personal goals and their state of health - physical and mental." Click here to read more about Karin

My services:

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Phone: 021 264 3927

Email: kh-clinicalhypnosis@hotmail.co.nz

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