Therapies/Services offered at Koru Corner:


Distance healing channels source energy just as hands-on healing, to encourage a state of physical, mental and spiritual balance and is a profoundly relaxing and nurturing experience. In order to personalise your healing experience we arrange a Zoom or telephone appointment at which we meet and discuss your current needs to help me tune in to you. You are then encouraged to sit or lie down in a comfortable, undisturbed space to focus on receiving healing. 

Appointments available via Zoom or telephone.


The Gastric Band Weight Loss Hypnotherapy is delivered as a 3 month program as follows:

3 weekly sessions followed by session 4 a fortnight later. I will then meet with you for a further 2 sessions, one per month, in order to provide continued therapeutic support and motivation. The program will provide tools and knowledge to help you create healthier lifestyle choices moving forward. Appointments available in person or via Zoom.

For FULL DETAILS of the program please click here.



Holistic Pulsing is a mind-body-centered approach, an "off-shoot" of the Structural Integration group of therapies which uses the power of gentle rhythmic touch and movement. The pulsing practitioner applies easy rocking, stretching and opening movements to the pulsee, creating a wave-like motion throughout the whole body. Holistic Pulsing encourages structural integration, and a vibrational healing which continues for days after a session and both physical and mental impingements can appear to dissolve.

Appointments available in person only.


Hypnotherapy uses the state of hypnosis (the trance state) to treat a variety of medical and psychological problems. Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness which you can naturally enter so that useful suggestions may be given directly to your subconscious mind. In hypnosis, there is heightened concentration for the specific purpose of accessing your potential, changing self-limiting beliefs, correcting unhealthy behaviours, and gaining insight and wisdom. Hypnotherapy often succeeds where other more conventional methods of treatment have not produced results.

Appointments available in person or via Zoom.


Person-centred counselling offers a safe exploration and discussion of issues that are affecting you emotionally and/or physically, supporting you to find your own insights and solutions.

Karin is a trainee counsellor who has 10+ years experience in talking therapy/clinical hypnosis but the reduced cost of the counselling service reflect her status as a trainee counsellor. Karin receives professional supervision for any private counselling work conducted outside of her counselling studies.

Appointments available in person and via Zoom.


Smoking is not generally a difficult habit to correct with Hypnotherapy unless there is a strong emotional attachment to the behaviour and most cases I have worked with have been pretty straight forward, textbook cases. Karin works with you to deal with the habit element, the cravings (emotional AND physical), as well as smoking as a stress response and (perceived) relaxant, and to find practical and realistic resources that will work for you,your lifestyle and daily routine.

Appointments available in person or via Zoom.


A one on one session to create a safe space to connect and communicate with loved ones passed over, and to gain guidance and insight from your higher self and spiritual guides. A reading can help you bring insight and understanding to an issue by offering you a fresh perspective on what you already know, but are perhaps unable to see at this time. A session can help guide you on your Journey by helping with clarity, insight and detachment with your feelings, thoughts, dreams, and aspirations. A reading may offer you a reflection of your past, present and possible future; and can be useful to help with certain issues or clarification of situations happening in your life at the present time.

Appointments available in person or via Zoom.


Spiritual healing channels the Life Force/Chi/Prana to encourage a state of physical, mental and spiritual balance and is a profoundly relaxing and soothing experience. Most conditions can benefit in some way as healing reconnects you with, and stimulates, your inherent self-healing ability. You remain fully clothed during the session. Healing is channelled from the Crown to Root chakras and through to your feet, or as guided.

Typical client feedback: A calmer demeanour, improved sleep, increased clarity and focus, healthier stress management, alleviation of pain. 

Appointments available in person or via Zoom.